Are You Suffering From a Bent or Curved Penis?

Penis curvature is an insidious and unpleasant problem for men that causes great anxiety and nerves that can remove peace of mind.

If a man has a visibly curved penis, it can make him nervous in front of women in case she laughs or reacts badly when he gets it out. Being seen as a freak or a figure of fun is something that no man wants, and to be seen in this way, regardless of it being something he has no control over, is not pleasant...

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Many men with a curved or bent penis can:

  • Cause discomfort for their sexual partner during sex intercourse
  • Experience pain during erection or orgasm.
  • Experience problems with their emotional and physical relationship
  • Suffer from loss of confidence or low self-esteem
  • Penile curvature can be caused by the natural growth and shape of the penis or through a condition that is known as Peyronie’s disease. Natural bends develop thanks to the two chambers of the penis growing at slightly different speeds over time. This bends the penis towards the smaller side. Because this development is natural and takes place over so long, its effect cannot be forecast or prevented, however once the growth is complete, there are a number of treatments that can be used to correct the problem.

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