Peyronies Disease – How To Fix A Bent Penis Naturally

Diagram of Peyronies scar tissue

Yes, you can fix a bent penis, it just takes a little time! The process and outcome will depend on the type of treatment you choose.

Peyronies Disease, bent penis or penile curvature all refer to the same condition of when a man’s penis curves in an unwanted direction. The exact cause is unknown, but in many cases it is due to a build up of scar tissue or “plaque” as a result of mild to severe trauma to the penis. The good news is that you can fix this relatively easily!

Roughly 10% of the men are affected by this at some point in their lives. I myself have suffered from this crippling (yes I said crippling) condition and successfully cured it. To learn exactly how I fixed my bent penis click here.

What Causes Peyronies Disease?

Firstly, this is not a disease at all. Its not viral or transmittable. It’s typically caused by one of the following:

  • Scar tissue build-up
  • Stretching
  • Genetics
  • Masturbation
  • Tight fitting clothes

Scar tissue is believed to be the most common cause. It affects the erectile tissue of the penis causing a Deformed erection.

Tunica Albuginea

The Tunica Alburginea is the thick coating around the penis that helps hold blood in during an erection.Scar tissue develops on or around the tunica and cause the penis to bend around it.

Penile scar tissue from peyronies disease

Trauma causes inflammation and can occasionally lead to scar tissue. When blood flows into the penis, the hardened scar tissue causes it to pull or dip to one side.

This is considered a collagen-based disorder.

It may cause pain in the beginning stages or erectile dysfunction making it difficult to maintain an erection.

Psychological Affects

I personally suffered from a 30°  downward bend in my penis and it was the source of much embarrassment.

Nothing hurts a man’s confidence worse than having a bent penis.  This condition causes a man to feel:

  • Self-conscience and embarrassment.
  • Difficulty during intercourse.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Negative self-image.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Weak erections.

Let’s be honest – it’s very difficult to be a confident, outgoing man, when you dread the possibility of embarrassment in the bedroom.

Sexual Difficulties

Some sexual positions become difficult if not impossible to perform. As a guy that LAST thing you want to hear from your partner is “ouch it feels like you’re stabbing my stomach” or “missionary just doesn’t feel right”.

This is due to the unnatural angle of a bent penis.

Bent Penis Treatment

Penis Traction Device

The treatment I have used personally (and successfully) was a penile traction device. Over the past 10 years this treatment has really picked up mainstream acceptance as a top treatment for Peyronies Disease.Peyronies disease traction device

Traditionally, traction devices have been marketed as a male enhancement option to increase penis length and girth. However, the use of a traction device is medically recognized to improve a bent penis.

When you have a penile curvature however, the lengthening sort of takes a back seat to the straightening. But the good thing is that it works!


  • Safe
  • Studies confirm it improves penile curvatures.
  • Non invasive.
  • Easy to use.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to purchase.
  • Generally discrete.
  • Harder and more powerful erections.


  • Takes 3 to 6 months to see significant improvement.
  • High level of dedication and commitment.
  • Must be worn for multiple hours per day.

You don’t want to rush this process. Slow and steady is by far the best way to go.

Medical Studies

There is a great medical article from the Therapeutic Advances in Urology titled 
Penile traction therapy and Peyronie’s disease: a state of art review of the current literature.

Here are a few noteworthy excerpts…

“The penile traction device is tolerable, has minimal adverse outcome, and men are generally satisfied with the device”

“The PTT (penile traction therapy) is a novel modality that requires a great deal of patient compliance and determination Early evidence suggests that selected cases of PD may benefit from a conservative approach with PTT, resulting in increased penile length and reduction of penile deformity.”

“It is well documented that the use of mechanical traction and tissue expansion therapy results in alteration of connective tissue by cellular proliferation and expansion of the extracellular matrix []. “

“Histological staining following traction therapy confirmed reorganization and remodelling of collagen fibres into uniform densely packed fibrils that are parallel to the axis of mechanical strain.”

Enzyme Injections

Collaganeas is the process of using enzymes to break down peptide bonds in collagen.

Xiaflex was FDA Approved  in December of 2013. Its injected directly into the plaque to help break down the plaque residing on the tunica. Based on my research there is a 34% improvement in curvature.

I find this to be very interesting. Had I not fixed my bent penis with traction alone, I may have considered to use this in conjunction with a traction device.Peyronies Disease Injections

It seems logical that if Xiaflex can reduce the scar tissue, a traction device may have an easier time reducing the overall curvature of the penis, but that is just my opinion of course.

On a side note –  after I had gynecomastia surgery, I developed some scar tissue. The doctor injected a small amount of Kenalog which helped quite a bit. Xiaflex and Kenalog are obviously different, but it’s certainly something to consider.  The Kenalog did leave a mild indentation in my chest, but it filled in over time. 

Peyronies Disease Surgery

It’s been noted that men have a certain degree of success with this, but it’s very invasive and comes with many risks.

I have a brother who suffered from a 45 degree bend in his penis and had a Nesbit surgery. He ultimately was not happy with the outcome as the curvature was still problematic.  He had a noticeable reduction in penis length as well. I plan on writing a separate post describing his experience.

Plaque Excision and Graft

Another surgical procedure is to excise the plaque from the tunica and apply a graph in it’s place. Its hard to find tissue to replace the plaque and cover up the set of exposed nerves. In many cases cadaver piece are used.

This is very risky. Knowing that traction actually works, to me it makes more sense to just make the commitment and use a traction device instead.  See the review on the penis traction device that I used ==> Read my review on the X4 Labs extender

Final Thoughts

Peyronies Disease is physical and psychological nightmare, but you don’t have to live with a bent penis forever! Educate yourself by talking with a reputable Urologist, reading medical journals, and using this website for tips and strategies on what works and what doesn’t.

The process of straightening your penis through traction isn’t the fastest process. It won’t happen overnight,  but it certainly works the best. 

I started to see improvement within the first few weeks and as time went on my penis got straighter and straighter. All the popular penile traction devices work the same way.

I personally used the one by X4 Labs and found it to be of very good quality and quite comfortable. Best of luck Gents!

==> Read my review on the X4 Labs extender